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Fall Banquet is almost here!

There are still spots open for guests! Pray about that person that you have

been thinking of sponsoring. Registrations will be taken up to Tuesday night.

Prayer Charts are available and there are times to be filled.


It's Never Too Late!

If you wish to serve on team, fill out the form by

clicking on the Volunteer Form to the left.

If you feel moved to sponsor a guest for the fall banquet or the Awakening's

for youth (age 14-19), start praying about it now!


 The 2014 Summer Newsletter can be seen by clicking here. 


Remember your banquet? It may have been this past year or many years ago.

Since then have you changed your address, phone number, email, or even your name?

Make sure that we can still reach you by taking a moment and to send us your

current contact information by clicking the button below.

The form is simple to fill out!


We would love to hear from you.

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Faith is the door way that all miracles come through, prayer is the key that unlocks that door.
Pray more for those who have no keys.